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Tips from the Pros
Prepare Before Your Final Presentation

Call ahead to inquire what the prospect/consultant/client would like on the agenda (salesperson).
Confirm date, time, attendees and place. Send a letter of confirmation.
Ask prospect's preferences for presentation format (PowerPoint, books, multimedia, slides).
Create a written agenda and circulate to participants at your firm.
Any opportunities for meals, informal gathering or entertainment?
Any special requests or concerns? What have past concerns been?
What written materials will you provide?
  Presentation books
  Supplemental handouts
  Business cards
  Sample client report
Would they like written material sent ahead?
  How many copies? To whom and at what addresses? By what date?
  Are all copies proofed?
  Are numbers absolutely accurate?
  Is it personalized?
Will a consultant be involved? What will his/her role be? Ask if written material should be sent to the consultant.
Does the meeting include any other competitors?
  If so, who, when?
  For what reasons?
  If the search is a replacement, why was the other manager fired?
If at your office:
  Breakfast, lunch, dinner or cocktail arrangements
  Phones or empty office available for prospect
  Beverages stocked
  Office clean and organized
  Receptionist prepared to greet prospect and consultant by name
If at prospect's office:
  Office and floor where meeting is to be held
  Size and physical layout of meeting room
  Presentation to be conducted standing or seated
  Availability of electrical outlets or necessary equipment
What, if any, type of equipment is required?
  Who will bring it?
  LCD projector (extra bulb)
  Slide projector (extra bulb)
  Viewing screen
  Extension cord
  Easel, pointer
  Flipchart/dry erase board and pens
Who from your firm will attend?
  Who covers what?
  How much time is allotted?
  Who responds to which questions?
  What attire is suitable?
  Is it appropriate to introduce other of your firm's services or professionals at the meeting?
What questions have prospects asked in previous meetings?
What questions are appropriate to ask of the prospect?
What is the time frame for decisions?
What follow-up procedures are appropriate?
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