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Charnley & Røstvold
Process Overview
Charnley & Røstvold works exclusively with asset management firms and pension consultants. How do we help our clients achieve business success?

Through listening and proactive communication
Through customizing solutions to clients' needs and objectives
Through teamwork

One of the hallmarks of Charnley & Røstvold, Inc. is long-term relationships with investment management clients. Over 75% of our work is for clients with whom we have worked before. We are proud of the endorsement of the quality of our work, which that represents. The best way to begin work with us is to start with a project.

Positioning for the Future
Assessment of organization - investment capabilities, client service, marketing/sales
Business/marketing plan
Market intelligence
New firm/product launches
Turnaround business strategies

Communicating for Success
Audit of communications including sales and client presentations, RFPs, RFIs, DDQs, written materials, websites, and social media
Key messages, proof exhibits and client benefits
Presentation refinement
Transition or event communications

Coaching to Win
Best Practices in Preparation, Presentations/Meetings, Client Service and Debriefing
Multi-Dimensional Coaching Programs
  Team final presentations
  Due diligence meetings
  Client retention or cross-sell meetings
  Questions and Answers
  Client conferences
Design of Internal Sales Meetings
Our Services In Detail
  Positioning for the Future

Communicating for Success

Coaching to Win
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