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Attributes of Successful Investment Firms

Strong Leadership
Good business management with excellent grasp of marketing
Understanding of needs of professionals and employees
Objective (not biased toward one market or one asset class)
Good motivator, communicator, delegator
Able to make timely, unpopular or difficult decisions
Forward thinking

Entrepreneurial Culture
Love and enthusiasm for the investment business
Proactive versus reactive; progressive versus status quo
Energetic and hard working (long hours; 9- to 11-hour days; weekends; travel)
Eagerness to learn from all sources
Willingness to try new approaches; enter new markets

Effective Teamwork
Focus on common goals
Professional respect for one another
Synergy and mutually supportive
Marketing, sales, client service, consultant and investment professionals work well together
Leverage time by scheduling client, consultant and sales meetings when traveling

Strategic Planning and Positioning
Organized product development, market research and client feedback processes
Excellent, thorough preparation on all levels
Cohesive image (consistent message across written, telephone, face-to-face and electronic communications and professional design)
Standardized sales, presentation and client meeting materials, with appropriate personalization
Presentation preparation, rehearsal and debriefing
Proactive communications and rigorous follow-up with clients, consultants and prospects

Progressive Technology
Internal/external email
Intranet and extranet web sites (public and secured information)
Video conferencing
Efficient portfolio management systems
Centralized relational databases
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